"Opens Heart, Opens Hands, Opens Doors"

Kindness Sharing Project

Alaha Ahrar



Ambassador of Youth, Peace and Global Goodwill 

Ms. Alaha Ahrar CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD of Kindness Sharing Project (KSP).  Kindness Sharing Project is an anti-poverty and anti-human trafficking and human smuggling an international non-profit organization 501 ©3.   

Ms. Ahrar works with a number of organizations and has initiated many successful projects to benefit the United States, Afghanistan, Canada and European Union Countries.  Besides being the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Kindness Sharing Project, she is on the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, serves as the Director of Media and Publication for the Afghan-American Women’s Association, and is the Board Director and the Director of Youth Team for International World Poetry, Canada.  She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Social Justice and Human Rights and is even more driven to enact positive social change in the world.   

Through Kindness Sharing Project Ms. Ahrar opens doors of hope for everyone in need. The goal of Kindness Sharing Project is ending poverty, hunger, and homelessness, exploitation of human beings through educating individuals and families and developing communities. Therefore, I consider it as an honor to work for such an extraordinary mission, goal and cause with Kindness Sharing Project (KSP).   

My work is very demanding and challenging, but very interesting and appealing. Advocacy is very different from social work. I work in these both roles. As an advocate, I am a voice for voiceless people. There are different types of barriers for people living in poverty. Therefore, I become a bridge for them to make it possible for them to cross the barriers to reach to their destination. Most of them are not able to speak English well to solve their problems. Since I am multi-lingual. I have been able to help many people different countries.  Besides advocacy, case management is another huge part of the work in Kindness Sharing Project (KSP).  

   At the beginning of each month, KSP always help some clients in need of rental assistance by referring them to the right organizations for help. If KSP does not advocate for its clients on time, they will lose their apartment and will become homeless.  Therefore, KSP truly thanks the staff of Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) for working with KSP to help people on time before going to court. 

   KSP advocates for my clients in changing their immigration status. Some of them are legal residents of the United States and some of them are US citizens now. KSP also advocate for my clients to get their work permit.  

   There are many partner agencies that accept KSP’s clients and provide them free services, such as Food For Others, Just Neighbors and many more.  KSP mostly refers clients to the right organizations to get work permits, but it is difficult to find assistance for the undocumented refugees. There are very few organizations, which help undocumented residents in the United States.  

    Food insecurity is a very big problem for most underprivileged people.  Disadvantaged people come ask KSP for food assistance.  Food For Others and many other 

organizations are there to help needy people receive food assistance. In the case management part of KSP, we help clients in getting jobs, admitting them to colleges, ESL courses, computer core courses, and budgeting and teaching them how to spend their monthly income is the major part of case management.  

    Besides that, KSP is providing its clients with educational trainings based on the need of the community and invite guest speakers to come to our gatherings and talk to them.  KSP also have after school programs for the students of different ages.  

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) helps refugees in Virginia to adjust to living in the United States, and also to find resources and apply for them. The people who KSP helps are those who cannot help themselves; they need someone to advocate for them.   

    Ms. Ahrar supports Afghan-American Women’s Association (A-AWA) as well. She works as the Director of Media and Publication for A-AWA. As the Director of Media and Publication of (A-AWA), Ms. Ahrar writes the quarterly reports and covers the news, makes event pages for Facebook and other social media pages. Ms. Ahrar also takes pictures and records the events videos for the public, so that other people and organizations know about the great work of (A-AWA).  

       Moreover, Ms. Alaha Ahrar serves on the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP). This incredible organization is based in Afghanistan and we have highly educated staff and mentors in the United States and Afghanistan as well.  There are many extraordinary American women who take their time to help Afghan women in Afghanistan to become professional writers. These online mentors have been able to educate many women in Afghanistan via internet and online workshops. They teach them how to become professional and the best writers and poets.    

     The situation of Afghanistan is getting even tougher day by day and that has negatively impacted women in Afghanistan.  Therefore, some women cannot go outside their houses due to lack of security, while some of them do not even feel safe inside their houses; so, they write secretly in their own homes. When they write, they do not publish their names; they only write their names in their own very private dairies. The protection of Afghan women has always been a priority for AWWP; therefore, their decisions of not publishing their names has always been respected. In Afghanistan, they don’t have much support; so, AWWP is there to support humanitarian rights of Afghan women poets and writers through education, literature and arts and allows them to experience freedom of expression and speech.  This is an incredible organization.  

Furthermore, Ms. Ahrar is one of the directors of International World Poetry, Canada, as well.  Through this organization, Ms. Ahrar helps talented poets, writers, journalists, filmmakers, artists and reporters to get recognition, appreciation and awards for their incredibly great works.   

    Interested individuals submit their work to International World Poetry Canada. If they are in Persian (Dari, Farsi) or Urdu, Ms. Ahrar translates them and then she presents them to the President of International World Poetry Canada, Ariadne Sawyer. After reviewing and approving, she presents them to the juries at the International World Poetry Canada’s festival where they will receive recognition, awards or medallions.   

    Ms. Ahrar truly enjoys and loves working with International World Poetry Canada because Mrs. Ariadne Sawyer has been able to bring the poets, writers, filmmakers, reporters and artists of different continents together.  

     Through this job, Ms. Alaha with Mrs. Ariadne Sawyer encourage young generation to work even hard and know that their hard work will be paid off and it will never be wasted. 

    Furthermore, Ms.Ahrar a member of Sham e Erfan and some other poetry and writing Associations of Afghan and Americans in the United States. These Afghan poets and writers of Sham e Erfan, who are very much interested in Islamic writing, poetry, mysticism and sufism live in Fairfax, Virginia. They get together every two months in a night of poetry and music where they network, communicate and exchange their recent written poems and written articles with each other.   

Ms. Alaha Ahrar is a many awards winning poet, writer, human rights activist, social justice advocate, politician and public speaker.

In the past, from April 2015 to October 2018, Alaha Ahrar worked as Community Development Advocate, Case Manager and Program Manager for Facets in Fairfax, Virginia.

Ms. Ahrar has been on the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project since 2011 and also has been one of the board of directors’ member for International World Poetry, Canada since 2011.  Ms. Ahrar served as the Director of Media and Publication for the Afghan-American Women’s Association from 2016 to 2018.  

Ms. Ahrar has a passion for writing and public speaking and has used these skills extensively to advocate for human rights, justice and peace.  Therefore, she is an award-winning poet, writer and human rights activist.  

In 2008, she received the Talent Scholarship of University of Mary Washington (UMW).  
In 2011, she was awarded the “Best Poet of the Year for Afghanistan and the United States” by International World Poetry, Canada. 

In 2012, once again, she was appointed as the Ambassador of Youth and Peace for Afghanistan and the United States by Canada.  

In 2016, she received the “Big Heart” Award by Facets for her tireless efforts of helping Facets clients.  

In 2018, she received the Global Goodwill Ambassadors’ award.  

In 2018, once again, Ms. Ahrar’s initiated project won the 2nd Project of the Year Award through Virginia Statewide Neighborhoods Conference 2018, for her advocacy and leadership efforts of bringing the entire community together to work on Paradise Park Project at Barros Circle in Centreville, Virginia. 

Khawaja Ahmad Sayed Ahrar


Khawaja Ahmad Sayed Ahrar Founder of Kindness Sharing Project  and  business owner

Khawaja Ahmad Sayed Ahrar who resides in Germany  has a bachelor’s degree in law and Political Science from Kabul University.  Mr. Ahrar has always had his own business.

Mr. Ahrar is multi-lingual, he speaks Dari, Pashto, Urdu and English. He has excellent computer skills and he is a creative writer.  Mr. Ahrar always made sure to make time for youth and children to teach them basic computer programs in Islamabad, Pakistan and in Kabul, Afghanistan.  

Mr. Ahrar says, “kindness is like an ocean that never dries” and he encourages everyone to be kind.

Mrs. Shekiba Azamy


Treasurer of Kindness Sharing Project  

Mrs. Azamy manages and oversees the management of the financial affairs of Kindness Sharing Project, which includes banking, reconciling bank statements, and managing cash flow.  

As a treasurer, she is responsible for preparing annual budget, as well as regularly monitoring and comparing the actual revenues and financial reports and important financial ratios. 

Nesar Ahmad Bahaw


Kindness Sharing Project’s Afghanistan’s Country Director

Nesar Ahmad Bahawi is an Afghan Taekwondo practitioner. He won the silver medal in the lightweight category at the 2007 World Taekwondo Championships, edging out 2004 Olympic Champion Hadi Saei in the semifinals. Bahawi is also Afghanistan's National Champion, Young Leader Members YLF at YLF, Youth Leaders Foundation, Literacy Ambassador at Ministry of Education, Afghanistan and Afghanistan’s National Taekwondo Team Member & Captain at ANTF