"Opens Heart, Opens Hands, Opens Doors"

Kindness Sharing Project

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) is an-anti-poverty and anti-human trafficking and anti-human smuggling international non-profit organization 501 (c) 3.
Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) helps heartbroken people in need.
Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) Advocates forJustice, Fairness Equity and Equality

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) has three different global and local programs:  
Currently, Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) operates in Afghanistan and in the United States of America.  

Afghanistan Programs include Long-term and Shot-term Support:  
Long-term Programs:  

  • 1) Spreading Kindness Through Education of Children
  • 2) Kindness to Needy Seniors  
  • 3) Kindness to Disabled Individuals  
  • 4) Kindness to the Families of Deceased Military Veterans 

Short-term Programs:

  • 1) Kindness in Ramadan
  • 2) Kindness in Eid al-Adha
  • 3) Kindness to the families of the victims of suicide attacks, bombs, rockets and natural disaster  

The United States Programs:  

  • 1) Helping everyone, especially the new arrivals in the United States to have access to food, clothing, household items,  
  • 2) Having access to shelter, immigration attorney and doctor with no cost
  • 3) Rental Assistance for residents of Fairfax County
  • 4) Assisting the Victims and Survivals of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking  
  • 5) Assisting with education and employment resources in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland 

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) has a website and is on the following social media pages.  

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