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Kindness Sharing Project



What Is the Kindness Sharing Project?

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) ends human suffering by helping heartbroken people in need. The Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) is a 501 (c) 3 international anti-poverty, anti-human trafficking, and anti-human smuggling nonprofit organization. 

The Story of Kindness Sharing Project’s foundation: 

This project began years ago, in a very cold and snowy winter in Kabul by the Ahrar family, when Kindness Sharing Project’s founder Alaha Ahrar as a child saw a child with bare feet begging for food. On that day, the Ahrar family decided to support Ms. Alaha Ahrar to help people in need. 

“That day, that child, and that emotional moment are unforgettable for me because she was my age. I was in tears all the way home and was asking my parents countless questions. Then and there I decided to help people in need of food, clothes, shoes, and household items and my family promised of supporting me. As a high school student, I began volunteering with international organization forexample Peace X Peace organization USA and Youthgas of Australia.” After graduating from high school, Alaha Ahrar won the talent scholarship of University of Mary Washington.  

When Ms. Ahrar came to the US to study at the University of Mary Washington for her BA, she decided to work a part-time job as an international student on campus, she donated some of her paycheck to needy families, especially children in Afghanistan.  

“In addition to my classes I worked for 5 hours each weekday at the university’s Admissions Office, earning $ 7.50 per hour. From Monday till Thursday, I was working and saving for myself, but my Friday earnings were set aside for poor families and individuals.” 

With a triple major in Human Rights, Political Science, and International Affairs, and a certificate in middle studies,and fluency in Persian (Dari, Farsi), Pashtu, Urdu, and Hindi, as well as a basic knowledge of Spanish and Arabic, my dream was to work for an international organization to help underprivileged people. Ms. Ahrar currently is on the board of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, and is the Director of Youth Team for International World Poetry, Canada.  

Ms. Ahrar states, “no one should have to live and suffer due to lack of shelter, food, education or be in fear of being sold and trafficked.” With its founders’ background, knowledge and experience, KSP is dedicated to helping those in need.

When Ms. Ahrar was working as a Community Development Advocate supporting people in need. “Many clients would talk about how they were trafficked or smuggled and then they would cry, but they would never let anyone else know about it. I learned that there are very limited resources and not many organizations to help the survivors of human trafficking. Though I soon enrolled in an evening and weekend Master’s program in Social Justice and Human Rights, I still set aside hours every week to earn money for the poor. Shekiba Azamy, who is now the vice president and treasurer of the organization, NesarAhmad Bahawi who is KSP’s Afghanistan’s Country Director and my sisters and brother, Husna Ahrar, RabiaAhrar and Khawaja Ahmad Sayed Ahrar, who are all board members routinely work countless hours to support the goal and mission of Kindness Sharing Project.

We still need to do more. 

“The suffering I see in this country, in Afghanistan, and around the world tears at my heart. My family and I have been blessed, and our faith call us to give back.
My family supported me, and I talked with some friends, teachers, and mentors, and then this project was born.” 

Here in Northern Virginia, and also in Afghanistan, we are especially concerned with widows, orphans, needy parents with their children, adults, and seniors with special needs and disabilities, new arrivals in the USA, and the victims and survivors of human smuggling, human trafficking, and domestic violence, they all need our collective action and help. 

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) Advocates for Equity and Equality, Fairness and Justice.

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) was founded in 2012 but got registered in 2017 with the goal of helping parents and their children, single adults, senior citizens, widows, orphans, and children with special needs and disabilities, new arrivals in the USA, and the victims and survivors of human trafficking, smuggling, and domestic violence who suffer the effects of poverty and are in need of help, with a focus on the U.S. and Afghanistan. 

KSP is run by eight women and five men who have worked in the United States and some in Afghanistan to eradicate human rights abuses.  

The Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) has two local programs and two global ones:

Local KSP programs provide immediate assistance in the short term.

• We help low-income people access food, clothing, shelter, educational training, and employment resources in Virginia, USA, and• We support local victims and survivors of human smuggling, human trafficking, and domestic violence to become independent by connecting them to appropriate resources and organizations. 

International KSP programs build long-term relationships, and will grow with the organization.

• The Family Sponsorship Program connects a well-off US family with a needy family in Afghanistan to befriend them and support them on a regular basis - monthly, quarterly or annually.• The Preventative Program addresses persistent, structural injustice through policy advocacy and education, working to eradicate child labor, child sex trafficking (one form of which is known in Afghanistan as bacha bazi), the use of child soldiers, and trafficking of adults of all genders, as well asorgan trafficking. We will partner with private schoolsin various regions to enroll orphans and connect adults to resources that provide counseling, employment, and financial support. 

How Can People of Good Will Be Involved? 

Founders and friends of Kindness Sharing Project (KSP)understand that the mother of all problems is poverty. The more we can help people stand on their feet, the morelevels of crime, exploitation and violence will fall. Their father is ignorance. The more we can promote education, the more people will know about their rights and the rights of others: how to treat others and how to be treated. There are many roles for those who support our goals – something for everyone. These suggestions are just the beginning. Let your light shine!


Speak up when you hear or see something that isn’t right, whether it’s a casual racist comment, an uninformededitorial, or an individual who is being mistreated. You could:

• Call out the commenter.• Write to the editor.• Leave any party where the helpers are being exploited or a young boy or girl is being forced to dance for the guests’ entertainment. • Call the police or other authorities, if necessary. • If the prospect of intervening is frightening, find allies and do it together!• Let KSP know what you have done. If it’s appropriate, we can share the news on our website and in other media. We always get more of what we lift up!


Tell people who you know about KSP, whether they need its services or they’re in a position to help. If you’re a citizen, be sure your representatives understand the contributions immigrants have always made to the USeconomy and the facts about how short-term support pays off in the long term.


Right now, KSP is an all-volunteer effort, with no income other than the donations of the founder and co-founders. Our goal for this year is hiring two full-time staff; therefore, we will need at least $100,000 this year just to provide material aid, and with that amount we will tripleour effectiveness. KSP accepts donations of cash, material goods, and professional services, and all contributions are tax-deductible. You may earmark your donation to one of the programs above, and you may choose to be publicly thanked on our website and listed in our annual report.

Become a Family Sponsor

Contact KSP Founder Alaha Ahrar at the e-address below or by phone to be matched with a family and begin your mission of mercy.


Can you give four hours a month? We welcome every level of engagement and expertise.

• Join in distributing food, clothing, and household goods to needy neighbors, meeting needs and building bonds across communities• Help to sort and store donated goods• Tutor a new arrival in English or help them prepare for the citizenship exam• Perform administrative tasks, like bookkeeping, thanking donors and supporters contacting potential supporters• Research potential sources of support and help us discover allies• Speak about KSP to civic groups, professional groups, congregations, and other gatherings


Do you know someone who is appalled by the status quonews and feels helpless or overwhelmed? Do you know someone who has the potential to give and doesn’t know who to trust in directing help? Maybe someone you know could be a donor, a volunteer, a board member, or a partner. 

One of KSP’s initial assets is its founder’s connections in Northern Virginia’s social service community. We can partner with public and private agencies to provide educational and employment opportunities for people in need. As a supporter at the center of your own social and professional networks, you can multiply the power of that asset and the effectiveness of the Kindness Sharing Project.Please contact Alaha Ahrar to discuss the possibilities.

If you believe what we believe, there are many ways to join us! Please like our Facebook page, or email us, kindnesssharingproject@gmail.com. We will be proud to discuss roles you might play and to list your name as one of the members of KSP. 

Thank you for your interest in KSP. Together, we can do great things!

KSP Background: The Challenge, the Opportunity, and the Vision

What Is the Challenge? 

• Here in the USA, the richest nation on earth, too many still lack basic necessities. Powerful cultural elements glorify violence and blame the victims.• Poverty, desperation, helplessness, hopelessness, violent environments, and the lack of family support drive people into the arms of traffickers. At least at first, they see their exploiters as their saviors, who provide them with jobs and regular income.

How Do We Solve These Problems in the Long Term? 

• Be the change we want to see, by demonstrating kindness and generosity in all our interactions.• Implement the US laws and international agreements that already exist, as well as creating new laws to take all the criminals to justice systems, not only the poor.• Institute longer sentences and tougher criminal penalties for sex trafficking, organ trafficking, wage theft, child labor, the use of child soldiers, and child sex trafficking, especially bacha bazi and raqaasa-gi.• Criminalize these crimes against humanity in Afghanistan.  This is crucial to rescue, restore, and reintegrate the victims and survivors of human trafficking and human smuggling. • Help governments understand that the real criminals are the traffickers and smugglers. Instead of arresting the victims and survivors of human trafficking and smuggling and putting them in jail or deporting them, authorities should arrest the traffickers and smugglers. • Work to raise living standards and promote education worldwide. If there is no demand for the services of human traffickers and human smugglers, they will no longer kidnap, force, or exploit young boys, girls, orwomen and their business model will collapse.

What Is KSP’s Guiding Vision?

The Kindness Sharing Project stands for justice, fairness, equity and equality, and envisions a day when all humans have access to education, are able to meet their basic needs, and are treated with dignity and respect, without discrimination on the basis of:

▪ Race▪ Color▪ National origin▪ Age▪ Disability▪ Gender▪ Ethnicity ▪ Language▪ Immigration status ▪ Displacement ▪ Religious beliefs▪ Economic status  

Help the Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) to eradicate poverty and ignorance and stop human trafficking and human smuggling. Please contact us to discuss your involvement, and spread the word!

Working with Kindness Sharing Project will make you feel absolute peace. You will feel proud for taking the hands of those who cannot yet stand on their own. Helping others to stand on their feet will change your world!

Alaha Ahrar, Founder, kindnesssharingproject@gmail.com, 202 754 5952