Afghanistan’s Long-term and Shot-term Supportive Programs:

Long-term Programs:

  • Kindness to needy seniors (Kindness to Seniors)
  • Kindness to disabled individuals (Individuals with Disabilities Need Kindness)
  • Kindness to the families of deceased military veterans (Kindness to Fallen Heroes)
  • Kindness to displaced families, individuals, and orphans (Displacement is not a Choice)
  • Supporting widows in need (Kindness to Widows).

Short-term Programs:

  1. Seasonal support to families and individuals in need (Spreading Kindness to Poor)
  2. Annual support to families in need in the month of Ramadan (Spreading Kindness in Ramadan)
  3. Meat distribution to families and individuals in need during Eid al-Ada (Spreading Kindness in Eid al-Adha).
  4. Providing short-term financial assistance to the families of the victims of suicide attacks, bombs, rockets and natural disaster (Spreading Kindness to Heartbroken People in Need)
  5. Advocacy work for the families and individuals, who have been the victims of social injustices and violations of Human Rights (Seeking Justice).