History of the Organization

It all started with its founders’ vision, while the little daughter of the family eye witnessed a disturbing and tragic scene.

Alaha Ahrar stated, I am sure, once in a while, when you see food waste, you think of those who do not have anything to eat.

Years ago, in a very cold and snowy winter in Kabul, Afghanistan, I saw a child bare foot, begging for food. That day, that child and that emotional moment are unforgettable for me because she was my age. I was in tears all way to home and was asking my parents many WH questions.

That little girl and that scene at once changed me entirely. Since then, I decided to help people in need.

I knew that knowledge is power; therefore, I fully understood that the only way of saving a nation from darkness and unfortunate circumstances, is through education.  

Years later, when I went to high school, I started working as a volunteer with different organizations.

Then I received the Talent Scholarship of University of Mary Washington. I came to the USA. While, I started taking classes as a freshman at UMW, very soon, I started working a part-time job at the Admissions office of UMW. I was paid $ 7.5 per hour. I was working five hours a per day from Monday to Friday. From Monday till Thursday, I was working and saving for myself, but my Friday’s earning was for poor families and individuals in need.

After I graduated, I decided to work on the weekends for eight hours and sending my income to the needy families in Afghanistan.

Due to some family responsibilities and commitments, I decided to change my philanthropic work schedule from weekends to week days. So, I added those hours on my daily work schedule.

Nowadays, my sisters and my best friends work for two more extra hours everyday and we put those earning aside and gave them for people in need.

Poverty exists everywhere around the world, but it is very extremely intense in developing and underdeveloped countries.

The goal of this project, is helping needy people in Kabul, Afghanistan and also in Virginia, USA.

Kindness Sharing envisions a day that all human beings have equal, fair and just access to all these basic following needs.

First of all, Food.

Food is very important for humans survival. Kindness Sharing through its nonstop efforts wants to feed displaced and homeless people in Afghanistan and Virginia, USA.

Second, Clothes and Shoes.

Kindness Sharing works to provide clothes and shoes for people in need. Kindness Sharing envisions a day that every individual regardless of his/ her age, gender, ethnicity, tongue, nationality and race have right clothes and shoes for each season.

Third, Shelter/ Home.

Displacement, homelessness and the need for housing for individuals and families have become vital. Everyone without any discrimination should have access to their needs. Kindness Sharing works to educate different institutions, organizations and individuals to understand the need for housing for families and also for single adults. If single adults, no one should be put in the list of rejected individuals for housing assistance.

If you also believe in what we believe and you are interested in joining us, you are most welcome any time!

We are telling you repeatedly. Working on this project will make you feel absolute peace. You will feel very good about yourself and about your conscience.

This page directly connects you with a needy family inside or outside the USA, you will interact with that family and you will be able to help them.

Your financial support starts from a dollar a day to as much as you can afford.

It also includes non-perishable donations food and beverage, clothes and household items. Thanks for being helpful, giving and kind!